Rah-Rah Rosemary!!!

Though you may only be used to seeing its spiky sprigs, it flowers...

26th Jan

The Ways in Which I’m Not Perfect. And the Ways In Which I Am.

I had a powerful session with a client the other day (let’s...

16th May

Buzzwords: What is Organic?

Even though we’re all doing our best to pick the best food...

04th Mar

My New App: FlyBy Messenger

It’s no secret that I’m kind of a luddite.  I signed up...

06th Feb

The 7 Things I Learned About My Body While Traveling in South America

I spent the last 2 weeks traveling throughout Patagonia with my dad,...

28th Jan

Are you Comparalized?

COMPARALYZED.  It’s that thing when you become obsessed with what everyone else...

12th Aug

Welcome to Wonderland

I recently had the major honor of being featured on The Wellness...

24th May

The Promise I Made 5 Years Ago…And Kept

I’ve been going through a lot of big shifts in recently with...

20th May

25 Simple Self Care Actions for a Healthier Life

[sigh] I’ve had a particularly rough month.  I’ve been working tons and...

02nd Apr
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