Through experience I’ve found that people need a minimum of 6 months to really reach their goals, get comfortable with change and set a new routine. You do really have to be ready and committed to making some changes on a mental, physical and emotional level. These changes won’t always be easy or comfortable at first, but the end goal is to find what works for your unique body, enrich your relationship with food and give you the boost necessary to make you feel AMAZING.

Since health is wealth, I’ve developed these 4 basic steps to get you RICH 🙂

  • Revive: To start with, it’s all about adding in more of the good stuff. More veggies, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, maybe some vitamins and supplements and definitely some self care. Basically getting a nutrient buzz going by giving your body more of what it wants and needs.
  • Investigate: This is really looking inward at your relationship with food, making connections between how you feel and what you are eating, acknowledging how certain foods make you feel–are they giving you energy or zapping it? Making you feel good or bringing you down? You’ll try some new foods and experiment with diet figure out what foods build you up and what brings you down. We will also look at what triggers your food choices and how can you begin to re-wire your relationship with food.
  • Cleanse: Here we will do some food experiments. We’ll try taking some things out of your diet that might not be serving you and seeing how you feel. It is a great way to rid yourself of any attachments to foods and build up the confidence to know that you can live without them.
  • Heal: Settling into a new lifestyle. We all falter a little and tend to fall back into old routines so this a time to be patient and work through any residual feelings about change.

The way it will work is we meet 2x a month for 4 or 6 months. In between sessions I will still be supporting you 100%.  You will have 24/7 access to me via email.  I’m here for you to answer  any questions and address any thoughts or  feelings that come up.

After each session I’ll give you homework assignments, things to try or think about to help you with your progress. I’ll also be sending you things like books, cds, supplements or any other tools that feel necessary for your success.

Generally I work with clients over the phone, but depending on your needs some sessions we could meet in person to do things like:

  • Meeting at a grocery store to look at food options/labels
  • Cooking in your apartment to de-mystify the kitchen and learn some new skills and talk about meal planning
  • I could look at your take out menus/cafeteria options and discuss healthier options if you aren’t so much into cooking
  • Go out to dinner to talk about ordering at restaurants…

Ultimately it’s YOUR program. Everyone is different so I try to give people just what they need. The goal is always to create a plan/routine that works with your schedule, dietary needs, likes/dislikes to make sure that you are getting what YOU need and creating a lifestyle that you will want to maintain.

So that’s the schpeal, but really the best thing to do is start with a phone session where we can talk about where you are now, where you’ve been and where you wan to go with your health.

Email me to set up your FREE initial consultation today!

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