Private Health Coaching

I offer 100% support, 24/7 during my 6-month program.  During that time you will completely transform your relationship with food in order to change your health and body forever.  

I believe that health is wealth and have developed tried and true program that is guaranteed to make R.I.C.H in 4 simple steps.  If you’re ready to make some serious changes in your diet and lifestyle contact me for a free initial consultation to discuss if Private Health Coaching is right for you.


{Healthy} Cooking Camp: Online Cooking Program

{Healthy} Cooking Camp is an online, interactive cooking program designed to take you from totally confused to total connoisseur in your kitchen. We will teach you how cooking can make your life easier, give you more energy, save you money and even look better. Since the program is all online you can do it from anywhere and on your own schedule. If you feel ready to truly nourish yourself and your family, this is the program for you!


Cooking Classes, Parties + Catering

Are you totally mystified by things like kale, quinoa, tamari and turmeric? I’ll make them–and your kitchen– your new BFFs. We’ll not only talk about WHAT you should eat but more importantly WHY.  Think of all the money you will save when you quit grabbing take-out, and learn to make your favorite foods in the comfort of your own home. I will teach you how to make simple, fast, and most important HEALTHY meals based on your skill level and dietary needs.

Want to make this a group thing?  Awesome.  If you and your friends enjoy delicious, healthy meals with great tunes, beverages, and a little health education, well, then I’m your girl! I will come to your house armed with tons of fresh ingredients, pots, pans, and plates. We will work together to plan a delicious, nutritious, allergen free meal for you all your buddies! At the end, I’ll leave you and your guests with all the recipes, information about the health benefits of the ingredients, leftovers, and a clean kitchen! Email me to schedule your next (Cooking) Party or to have me cater an event.


Looking for a Speaker?

Are you interested in having a speaker or running a workshop or cooking class at your school, program, or office? If so, please email me to set up something!

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