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” …Get Glowing
Fashion stylist-turned-health coach Quinn Asteak offers advice, regimens, and positive vibes for women dealing with weight loss, digestive issues, and acne. When you schedule your consultation ($25), ask about her DIY vitamin C serum…”

– from “7 Ways to Look and Feel Better” in Daily Candy’s 2010 Health and Wellness Guide, New York – July 12, 2010



Testimonials From Clients

“When I met Quinn I was quite thrown by how down-to-earth and grounded she is.  She’s a woman’s woman–she doesn’t see her role as helping the rest of us fit into some pre-determinded mold.  Instead, she sees her role as helping the rest of us find and fit into our own molds, which involve a lot more than the food we eat and the miles we clock on the treadmill.”

– Nora N.

“Quinn Asteak has helped reeducate my thought process when it comes to food. I used to think that I knew the basics of eating healthy but Quinn has made me aware of an entire realm of healthier ways to eat without having to substitute taste. I didn’t realize I was lacking a lot of nutrients in my daily diet and Quinn helped to identify those voids and how to fill them with foods that are best suited to my taste and not just something forced upon me as an obligation. I’ve found, through working with Quinn that I’m now incredibly inspired to cook, which I would never have done before, I was always too afraid or simply just didn’t know how to maneuver my way around a kitchen. Quinn formed simple yet delicious meal ideas and recipes which were easy to replicate and didn’t take hours to prepare. I think the most important piece of information I can share with anyone thinking about hiring Quinn’s services, is how personable she is. Being comfortable with Quinn played a huge factor into determining whether or not I was likely to follow her advice and suggestions.”

– Gurj B.

“Like so many women, food used to be a source of anxiety and sadness for me. Quinn helped me revolutionize my relationship with food and taught me to make peace with my body and eating. She is awesome!”

– Mattie B.

“Deciding to work with Quinn was life changing & a great eye opener on how to be accepting of yourself.  How to improve without making a ton of sacrifices & without feeling pressure to re-mold yourself but rather make simple adjustments in your diet & exercise routine to work for YOU.  Quinn taught me (a person who hates to cook) how to combine healthy ingredients & flavors in a way I would never have dreamed of.  More importantly she got me to be excited about cooking simple yet healthy meals for myself. Definitely take one of Quinn’s cooking classes – you won’t regret it! Quinn is a breath of fresh air, calm, confident, understanding. She is an amazing coach, helping to reinforce what we all too often lose sight of in this media filled world of size zeros…that we are already perfect. The minor adjustments are just for us to feel even better in our own skin. Thank you Quinn for grounding me & helping me to ‘fall in love’ with my body again.”

– JL

“Not only is Quinn an amazing cook/nutritionist with great ideas who I learned SO much from, but my one-on-one meetings with her where we would just ‘chat over tea’ were most inspirational.  I always left with a sense of confidence that I could do, or cook, anything!”

– Mandy R.

“After working with Quinn, I learned how to LOVE Kale!!  Which was formerly something I was terrified of.  I also stopped being so afraid of the kitchen, and started finding that there was a lot of healing energy in cooking.  Now I have a whole list of recipes she taught me and when I want to take great care of myself, I have Quinn to thank for giving me the confidence and tools to do it.”

– Nitika C.

“I really like that it wasn’t about telling me what I should or had to do or when or how to do it, but more about providing all kinds of information to help me make the best decisions for me”

– Wendy

“Inspiring and helpful…my relationship with food finally clicked into place”

– Emily

“Quinn is just as spunky and wonderful as her cooking video series, The Kitschy Kitchen, would lead you to believe.  After hearing about Quinn through a friend, I attended a group cooking class.  What a great way to spend an evening and meet new people!  We learned knife skills, prepared an amzing meal and got notes with all the recipes to take home.  I’ve continued to consult all the great resources on her website and have even texted Quinn with questions. She always texts back right away with great information and her typically sparkling wit.”

– Meredith S.

“The food that Quinn taught me to make was so easy and delicious, I would eat it even if it wasn’t good for me! I really enjoyed her explanations as to why everything was good for me.”

– Sarah L.

“As a person who tends to view cooking as too much of a process – and one which requires too many ingredients, Quinn’s Cooking Parties are a great course on how to feed even the laziest epicurian. On top of this, Quinn educates everyone about how each ingredient will be beneficial, and best of all, offers several alternative components for each dish for those of us – ahem – who have a half-filled kitchen.   She has a brilliant way of adding extra spice (both literally and figuratively) to each and every “party”.”

– Ellen H.

“As someone with vicious sweet-tooth and a long-standing history of eating poorly, I can’t even begin to explain how delighted I was by all the amazing dishes Quinn prepared for us.  I never knew eating healthy could be so wonderful.  Thanks for taking such great care of us, Quinn!   I feel nutritionally enlightened (and full)!”

– Brian B.

“Quinn is an exceptional health coach!  I’ve gone to 2 Cooking Parties and I will def be back!  I learned helpful cutting skills, delicious, healthy recipes and had great company!”

– Janet-Lee R.



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