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Sweet Potato Chips

This is one of my all-time favorite snacks.  Like, if I could...

30th Jul

veggies for breakies

Thanks to my homegirl, the beautiful and brilliant Stephanie Pollock I’ve found...

27th Jul

My one true love…

I’ve always been in love with peanut butter.¬† As a child my...

19th Jul

The Game Changer

For about a decade I worked in the fashion industry; primarily as...

12th Jul

jigga what!?

Wrap your brain around this: The calories in ONE pound of Oreos...

30th Jun

tick-toc, tick-toc

You know those games we used to play when we were young...

15th Jun

komin to bootcha

Not really sure how I’ve gone this long without trying it, oh...

07th Jun

Nuts for Nuts

Talking about nuts is a weird way to start my life as...

02nd Jun
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