Healthy Should Taste As Good As It Feels

I work with each client 1-on-1 to figure out your specific health goals

  • How do you want to feel?
  • How could your overall life improve?
  • What are your favorite foods?
  • What to you want to achieve through working together?
  • What makes you feel truly nourished?

With my background as a health coach, specializing in emotional eating, I work with clients to improve their overall relationship with food.  My approach to total wellness goes a little something like this…

Back to Basics

My favorite quotes are “if it was’t food 100 years ago, it’s not food now” and  “if you can’t read it, don’t eat it”.  Basically, our human bodies (and every animal on earth, for that matter) evolved for millions of years eating local, seasonal organic foods.  That’s it.  No chemicals, preservatives or processes.  But now, the food industry add all sorts of “stuff” to our food.  Bottom line: if you don’t know what’s really in your food, then your body doesn’t either and it’s not able to digest it.


Totally Personalized

We all look, act, and think differently, and guess what… so do our insides! Your eating style should be as unique as your personal style. Together we will figure out the best foods for you unique body type.


You Are What You Eat

Understanding that the food you put into your body effects every aspect of your life from your looks, to your moods, concentration, energy and everything in between. If you put in higher quality foods, a higher quality life will radiate out.


Your Mindset v.2.0

Forget the “D” word (diet), and change the destructive, defeatist relationship that you have with food. It is all about understanding how to nourish and take care of your body. It’s the only one you’ve got, so you should make it “built to last.” Your body will always tell you what it needs when you learn to really listen.


A Little Goes A Long Way

You don’t have to make a million changes and completely overhaul your whole life by tomorrow! It’s about making simple, incremental changes. As you find what works for your body– it will just become your lifestyle.


“Food” Is More Than Fats And Calories

The food we put in our mouths is secondary to the “food” that truly nourishes us – our friends, family, school, job, spirituality, and exercise… these are what truly feeds us and give meaning to our lives. My clients grow to understand the importance of creating a balanced, healthy life free of guilt and full of fun.


Make It Fun!

My motto is “birthday cake has zero calories” because at the end of the day if you are enjoying life, laughing, and spending time with people that you love then you should be able to find balance and enjoy eating with out any guilt! This is all about boosting your quality of life – having more, not taking anything away!


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