Health Trends: Winter 2016

On February 23, 2016

Living in Asheville, the land of the woo-woo, I have access to all the kookies stuff before it becomes main stream. Since you can take the girl out of the fashion industry, but you can’t take the fashion out of the girl, I like to do my season trend report on what’s hot and cutting edge in…health.



We’re not talking about club drugs.  This kind of rolling is where you use a foam log or balls and roll on them to release tension from your muscles.  I know a couple people that swear by it.  Personally, I’ve only tried it once.  It was a brief brush with rolling that made me feel awkward and uncomfortable, but I’m a late adopter and but plenty of other people are working this into their yoga-ish routines with amazing results.

Safety glasses


There’s a big thing on the internet about wearing safety glasses (or any glasses with orange lenses) to combat the effects of all the blue light we face while on our gadgets all day.  I’m that girl that lied on her eye exam in 3rd grade because I thought glasses were cool, so I’m obviously all about this.  Anything for frames.



Before you go “ewwww”, just wait for a minute.  Crickets (and many other bugs) are common delicacies in countries around the world. They are high in protein, very sustainable, and easy to process.  I know a couple people in Asheville that are making bars using crickets and one woman who uses the flour to boost protein content in all sorts of sweet treats (e.g. chocolate “chirp” cookies).  This one isn’t going to be an overnight trend, but just you wait.  In the next 10 years you’ll be seeing more of these buggers.



I went to my first Qoya class recently and, let me tell you, it was a full body high.   Qoya means “queen” and this workout is all about connecting to your feminine wiles.  My class was led entirely by candle light.  We moved our hips, we ran around feeling free, and instead of having a dinner party with anyone dead or alive…we had a dance party with anyone.  I invited my grandma.  She’s the best. During Qoya your teacher will tell you often “if it feels good, you’re doing it right”, which should be everyone’s motto for all things.

Human Design


Human Design is another way of categorizing us as individuals and our purpose in the world.  Much like astrology, your birth information puts you into one of four certain categories: manifestor, generator (which has a sub-group of manifestor generator), projector, reflector.  I haven’t personally dug into it too much, but that’s probably only because I’m a projector which means my key theme is bitterness.  So screw that whole thing, right?



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