Five Faves: February 2016

On February 16, 2016

HCQ_five faves_February 2016

1. Wknd LA, $200.  Winter makes me want to nest and fill my home with beautiful things. I’ve gotten really into crafting wall hangings and learning a variety of fiber arts.  One of my biggest inspirations is WKND LA. They have the most beautiful, clean designs that seem to tie all my aesthetic interests together.

2. Group Partner Ceramic Pots, $45-$65.  This thing makes me smile so hard.  One of my dreams is to fill my entire home with amazing plants in even more amazing planters.  And I’m starting with this guy.

3. “Go with Your Gut: The Insiders Guide to Banishing the Bloat” by Robyn Youkilis, $15.  My sister-friend published her first book!!!  It’s beautifully designed and full of so much wisdom and heart.  Robyn and I worked together for years creating recipes and videos for {Healthy} Cooking Camp, so I know her work intimately and stand by it one million percent.  This isn’t your average cookbook or diet book.  It’s about connecting to your inner wisdom, trusting your gut, and honoring your body to become your healthiest you.

4. Thich Nhat Hanh “You Have Enough” print, $95.  For years I thought I wasn’t enough.  I was convinced that I wasn’t thin enough, pretty enough, or successful enough.  I spent way too much time and energy comparing myself to everyone around me and became comparalyzed.  One day I decided to change that thought into “I am enough”, and eventually it became true.  But helps to have a reminder.  That’s why I love this print.

5. Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, $40. I thought Tarot was for kooky gypsies in head scarfs until I saw this deck.  It’s so beautiful that it pulls me right into the world of tarot and makes me want to learn the ins-and-outs of every card.



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