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On January 6, 2016

driven-flavor_lead(Yes, that’s first lady, Michelle Obama with Executive Chef of Blue Hill Restaurant, Dan Barber)

This On Being podcast isn’t new.  But it’s pertinent.  And everyone who eats food should listen to it in order to deepen their understanding of where their food comes from, and how farming practices, especially maintaining optimal soil health, can transform the health of the earth and all of it’s inhabitants.

Driven by Flavor with Dan Barber is about how our farming system has gone wayward in the last 100 years.  How we’ve done exponential damage to our atmosphere, our land, and even our intestinal flora.

The way back? Mindfulness.  Attention to the vast universe of organisms that live in the soil and nourish our fruits and vegetables, that then, in turn, nourish and flavor our food.


So you may ask again “what does soil health have to do with my personal health?” And he truth is that they’re so inner connected you’re gonna freak out.  Check it:

You are what you eat.  Beyond that, you are what you eat…eats.  At this point we all know that if you eat meat, you should be eating grass fed beef and pasture raised chickens (if you don’t, now you know) because that is the most natural and healthy diet for their bodies.  It’s what they evolved eating.

Q: But what about vegetables?  What do they “eat”?  

A: They eat the nutrients in soil.  So, don’t we want to make sure our plants have the best conceivable diet too? 

All the good veggie farmers I know consider themselves soil farmers.  And all the good livestock farmers I know consider themselves grass farmers.  This should tell you something about the core of creating a great product.

Other topics that get touched on in this podcast are:

  • The importance of sugar cravings
  • Why cooking is an act of spirituality
  • The connection between flavor and nutrients
  • How organic food elitism is good in the long run
  • Why eating meat is more ethical in certain environments

To get the low down from the prosaic culinary master himself, listen to On Being’s “Driven by Flavor with Dan Barber“.

I’d love to hear what struck you as being the most interesting or biggest revelation. 

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