Rah-Rah Rosemary!!!

On January 26, 2016

Though you may only be used to seeing its spiky sprigs, it flowers in the fall with delicate purple buds.  Rosemary is a herb I turn to when my brain needs a spark and my heart needs a lift.

It’s time to reframe this popular culinary herb as a powerful health aid.

Benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary is a heart-y Mediterranean herb, in that it grows well in cold climates AND is widely regarded as an uplifting tonic for the heart.  It’s a muscle and nervine stimulant that uplifts, energizes, and invigorates the body and mind.  It’s a symbol of remembrance and its oil helps greatly with focus and concentration.  It boosts circulation and works infections out of the body.

This plant has a strong constitution.  It’s a sturdy, smooth to the touch, and highly perfumed.  Energetically, this plant’s medicine is one of strength and elegance.

In it’s culinary context, it’s known for pairing well with modern classics like meat and potatoes.  But now let’s travel back several hundred years, to the time when when explorers first set out on the ocean to remember what exactly they were looking for…it wasn’t just land, or slaves, it was herbs and spices.

Pause for a moment.  The “new world” was discovered because people were looking for plants.  

So, the big question is WHY?

The answer is that there is these plants contain powerful medicine.  Rosemary in particular, with it’s antibacterial properties, helped to keep meat fresh before refrigeration was a thing.  The rosemary kept the meat from spoiling and simultaneously infused it with flavor.  Those things alone were worth sailing the seven seas.

Here are other ways to work rosemary into your routines…


Uses of Rosemary

Oil:  Rub it on your wrists or put it in a diffuser when you need to focus on a big project.  It will help to increase concentration and remove writers block.  The oil is a stimulating rub for arthritic conditions.   It has even been known as a hair tonic, to encourage growth and restore color.

Tincture: Take as a stimulant tonic for depression

Compress: Soak a towel in hot rosemary tea and put it on joint to help heal sprains and heal injurys.

Tea: This is an aromatic stimulating tea that gives great relief when you have a headaches, fatigue, rheumatic pains, indigestion, colds, and influenza
I’ve also waxed poetic about other popular herbs and flowers.  

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