NEW Hottest Health & Agriculture Trends: Fall 2015

On October 6, 2015

Bone Broths, Butter Coffee, Past Life Regression Therapy.  These are all standard fair in the wellness world.  I’m on the front lines in Asheville, NC reporting on the wackiest, weirdest, wellness trends I can find.  I may not always partake (no one will ever talk me into urine therapy, thank you very much) but I am super open to hearing what people are into…and then sharing that with you.

Here’s what’s caught my ear recently…

Urine Therapy.  I mentioned it before, and I only mention it again…because some people mention it as a cure for literally everything. Eye problems?  Urine.  Excema?  Urine.  Tooth ache?  Yeah.  People seriously think urine is the cure.  I’m not going to investigate this one myself…just putting it out there.



Yoni Steams: This is one of the weirder ones, but it’s become one of my favorites (don’t judge me!).  A yoni steam is a steam…for your lady bits.  Here’s what happens: a concoction of herbs to brewed together, then you sit or stand over the pot of steaming liquid while it gets up inside you.  Sounds odd, I know.  But it’s just a different way of ingesting (can I use that word here?) the medicinal properties of the herbs.  People use herbs to heal on a physical and emotional level.  Yoni steams are another way of taking those herbs.  It sounds kooky but it has done wonders for my hormones and my menstrual cycle.


Fermenting Everything: Here is Asheville, you’ll find ferments on the menus of all the coolest restaurants.  Yes, a lot of popular foods are already fermented you might not have even known it (e.g. chocolate, coffee, cheese, beer, wine, etc) but in this town you’ll find all sorts of interesting fermented veggies, krauts, and kombucha concoctions.



Cuddle Parties: These are not unique to Asheville, they are quite prominent in the Bay area and have a following in NYC.  They are exactly what they sound like.  A group of consenting adults, getting together for a no holds barred,  unabashed cuddle sesh.  Maybe there’s some petting. Maybe even some napping.  One thing’s for sure is that’s there’s plenty of spooning.  Everyone loves spooning.



Bear Ribs: Apparently they’re around the same size as pig ribs (aka spare ribs), and apparently they taste amazing.  I’ve also hear that about bear fat.  Not saying these should be farmed in any way, but there are many people out there who have an instinct to hunt, and when they do, the whole animal should be utilized.  That is what humans did for millions of years.






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