Five Faves: October 2015

On October 20, 2015

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a five faves.  It might be because my taste has been changing now that I’m a southern farm girl.  It might be because I was totally immersed in a brand new learning journey and not thinking so much about “things” . Either way, I’m back, babies!  Here’s what I’m feeling this fall…

HCQ_five faves_October.15

1. The Forest Feast by Erin Gleeson, $24. This beautiful book is full of inspirational recipes that will help you realize powerfully potent food surrounds us all throughout nature (not just in the grocery store).

2. Self Love Potion #9, $20. Better than Chanel #5. This love potion isn’t about attracting others, it’s about loving up yourself (which then, in turn, always tends to attracts others).  It’s a beautiful blend of herbs that “helps open and protect your heart, foster healthy boundaries and soothe heartache and grief.”  [File under: Need lots now]

3. Forever 21 Genuine Suede Fringe Jacket, $55.  This is my PIECE for fall. It’s barely gotten chilly yet and I’m rocking in every chance I can get.

4. Kartell “Gnome Stool” by Phillipe Starke, $340. I’ve been obsessed with this stool for years.  One day it will be mine.  Oh yes, one day it will be mine.

5. Mini Monster Bookshelf Brewery, Mead and Cider Kit, $35. If you’ve ever dreamed of brewing your own backyard booze…get yourself this kit and you’ll be well on your way to making bathtub gin and moonshine in no time. No, but seriously, I have 4 gallons of mead brewing in my spare room and I feel really cool about that.


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