The Magic of Sage

On September 22, 2015

I have a thing with Sage.  The definition is a ” a profoundly wise person” so it’s reverent in it’s essence.  It clears energy from a room, it’s flavors are both salty & sweet, and it’s powerfully potent panacea.  Sage is my sister’s name, so it’s connected to all sorts of family history and story.  As a plant, it’s an herb that we all should know, love, and respect.  Here’s some of the magic she possess and how to let her wield her power in your daily life.


Benefits of Sage

Sage has traditionally been associated with longevity.  It’s been proven to enhance memory for students, and even restore failing memory to the elderly.  It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antifungal, and antimicrobial.   It can stop excessive menstrual bleeding,  dry up a mother’s milk when weaning a baby, and helps with menopausal night sweats.  It strengthens the nervous system, eases tension headaches, soothes muscle tension, and sharpens the senses.  Basically, it’s a wonderfully well rounded herb full of benefits that will fortify your constitution, strengthen your mind, and soothe your body.

How to use Sage

– Drink a fresh sage tea to stimulate the liver, improve digestive function, and circulation. *Caution* can reduce lactation, so don’t drink while breastfeeding

– Apply a pad soaked in the tea to slow-healing wounds

– Gargle a weak tea made from fresh leaves for sore throat, tonsilitis, mouth ulcers, or gum disease

– Use the tea as a rinse for dandruff or to restore color to graying hair


Want more info on other popular culinary herbs?  Check out my posts on Thyme and Mint.


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