Take Me To Your Healer

On July 29, 2015

So far in 2015 I’ve:

  • Walked on fire
  • Got an energy clearing on all lifetimes from an African shaman
  • Met with a psychic who channeled a dear friend who passed away suddenly 6 years ago
  • Had an intuitive connect to my highest self then downloaded vital advice for this life, and information from past ones

I did a:

  • New moon ritual
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Yoni steaming
  • Tarot reading
  • Sound healing
  • Crystal energy healing
  • Consultation with an astrologist

I’ve signed up for:

  • On-going NSA care (a type of chiropractic work)
  • Joined Laura Hames Franklin Wholly Shift coaching group
  • Enrolled in a program called Awaken Academy where I learned about shakras, essential oils, hypnosis and honed my intuition more deeply.


I did all of that by February.



A little back story…in October I left New York City, where I’d spent 14 years building a home, life, and a family of friends.  I moved to Asheville, NC to live a simpler life, connect to the earth, and expand professionally.  I hit the ground running making new friends, exploring the city, and going on dates.  Then, three months into my new life, I was blind sighted when I got cold-hard dumped by the first guy I’d felt a real connection to in the last few years.

It’s so utterly cliche, but this sent me on a tailspin-turned-turbo-charged journey toward healing and introspection.  “Take me to your healer” became my mantra, as I sought to eradicate an undefinable block that I felt was holding me back personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Asheville is a known energy vortex.  It sits nestled in the oldest mountains in the world which are all full of quartz.

NEW AGE NOTE: Quartz is a magnifier.  It brings up your stuff.  Highs are higher, lows are lower.  In Asheville whatever you’re trying to hide from will come to the surface. If you come here with a question, it will be answered.  If you come with a fear, it will rear it’s ugly head.


I was in a really potent place.  I had just created a new life, and then all of a sudden I was being pushed to examine all my “stuff”.  I tried to run away, and it followed me (it always does!!!).  So there I was with a bunch of questions.  How could I connect with my highest self? How could I fully live my purpose?  How could I let go of all attachments?  And a big one for me, could I open myself up without giving myself away?

I had no clue. But I was willing to try…and try I did.

I spent months pushing myself, diving deep into my journals, and unpacking layers of history and “story”.  I spent hundreds on healers hoping they would give me insight into who I really am.  I took every opportunity to evolve as a human in the hopes of  pushing past all my blocks and maximizing this life.

(Meanwhile, I’m a born and bred jaded Jew so I approached each session with a healthy combination of curiosity and skepticism.)


In the end, I gained a lot.  Tangibly speaking, I got a stock pile of essential oils and an ever growing collection crystals.  But on an esoteric level I gained a lot more:

  • Walking on fire solidified that fact that I’m pretty fucking fearless
  • Channeling my friend who had passed allowed me to to let go of guilt
  • The African Shaman told me how stubborn I am, (I still don’t agree) and released lifetimes of being too “good”
  • My highest self gave me lots of practical advice and made me examine all of my addictions
  • The Cacao ceremony created a beautiful intergenerational connections
  • My astrologist gave me sound advice about what I need in order to feel grounded and strong
  • The crystal energy healing empowered me to bite the bullet on a hard decision
  • The NSA chiropractic work made me grow a whole inch!!!!!


I would like to say that I did all this and I’m completely over the guy.  I’m not (I’m addicted to talking to him and probably have been for many life times).  But I learned a lot through this whole journey, which isn’t anywhere close to being over…

What I really learned is that we believe what we want to believe.

I have no idea if any of these healers have genuine connections to the divine, but I really want to believe they do.  They helped me.  They held space for me.  They held a mirror up for me.  I believed in them, and they believed in me.  They pushed me to examine myself, my life, my needs, and my truth.


Here I am, several months later and on many levels I’m the same new age skeptic that I was when I started.  In other ways, I’ve been cracked wide open.

Even though I’m still working through deep layers of heart stuff, I’ve overcome many other challenges.  I was empowered in my career, found an amazing living situation, and cut the cord on friendships & vibes that were dragging me down.

MORAL: The worst thing that happens could be the best thing that happens.  Challenges can be catalysts, and catalysts can be invitations to grow.

***If you want more information about happened in any of these healings, I’m more than happy to share (who am I kidding, I’ve already started those posts), and if you’re curious about who I saw/talked to for these sessions I’m willing to share contact information.  Also, if you’ve had a life changing experience with a practitioner…please, take me to your healer!

7 Responses to “Take Me To Your Healer”

  • you are so inspiring i love every word of this! I connect with you so much! thank you for writing this!

  • I had a tarot card reading before I left a corporate job and a year later, I’m at beach side office doing work for clients that I truly admire and vibe with. She told me of bitterness and blame that I would experience, but to remind myself that I would always know the real truth. This gave me the strength to push through my barriers bc I knew I would be ok in the end. I liked how you said these healers held up a mirror for you. If any of us have worked on trusting our intuitions and desire to live an authentic life, we can discover that we were holding the key the whole time and for infinity. I love how healers and practitioners are available to help us reveal this; holding up the mirror to see the beauty and flaws. Your journey sounds amazing and I hope you see yourself through it as the amazing, vibrant Quinn that we readers see you as. 🙂 Great post. I would consider visiting Asheville, you should do a post on what a newcomer should check out!

    • Thank you so much for this awesome response, Kristen! It’s so true, we all have the answers, but it’s easy to forget, and I’m grateful for all the amazing healers out there that can keep us on track.

      You should totally come visit Asheville. I’ll start getting a guide together ASAP 🙂

  • This is the most interesting and intriguing blog I have come across so far. Yes, healers hold up the mirror so you can see yourself! Really Great!!

  • Hello there Quinn! Saw your folks a couple weeks ago and they told me that you had moved to Asheville. Happy for you! I read your post and was reflecting on all the changes that I’ve been though and where I am now as a 60 year woman who has always been on her own. I applaud you for your courage and determination. You will ultimately be be led to new vistas that you never even dreamed of. Best wishes!

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