Five Faves: Janauary 2015

On January 29, 2015

Here’s a glimpse of what’s tickling my fancy this month…

HCQ_five faves_january 2015

1. Tiny Beautiful Things, $11. With all the buzz around the movie Wild, I’d like to take a moment to stop and appreciate Cheryl TK’s other book which is the most hauntingly beautiful, heart wrenching, soul grabbing book I’ve ever come across.

2. Tassle Garland, $30. String this up and every day will feel like a celebration. Happy New Year?  More like, Happy New Day…Every Day.

3. Kale Sweatshirt, $64.  Because, Beyoncé.

4. Porcelain Soap Bottle Bud Vases, $9-$25 (on sale!) Not sure I’ll splurge for the porcelain, but they definitely  inspired me to DIY something similar with old containers.

5. Modern Farmer Magazine, $8.  Because anything that reports on farm animals with the same fervor as fashion trends is a-ok in my book.  BTW, you saw it here first.  Donkeys are the new Goats.  OMG!  I SO want a donkey.


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