The Best New Blenders

On January 9, 2015

I recently did a fun interview with Well + Good NYC about all the 3 best new blenders on the market.

  • The Breville Boss
  • Juicepresso
  • Vitamix S30

We talked pros & cons, who should buy what, and they published it right at the start of the new year when everyone is contemplating a cleanse.

If you’re in the market for a new machine, and deliberating about the best option for your life/budget, I highly recommend this helpful rundown


So you’ve obviously heard of the NutriBullet and the Vitamix (and maybe even have both in your kitchen), but there’s a new crop of high-tech juicers and blenders out there waiting for your organic kale and ripe avocados. Retrieve them now.

These shiny new gadgets are picking up where the previous generation left off. Think high-powered pulverizer, a chic to-go canister option, or a super sleek juicer design, all of which are made for juicing and blending mavens. (These might not be the right kitchen gadgets if you’ve never blended or juiced at home before. And a head’s up, they don’t come cheap.)

We asked health coach and smoothie-making aficionado Quinn Asteak [That’s me!] to walk us through the killer features of these three new juicers and blenders, and who they’re great for. We’re thinking you.

Share your smoothie and juice recipes with us in the Comments, below, and happy sipping! “—Molly Gallagher’

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