Top Ten Reasons to Live in Asheville this Winter

On December 4, 2014

*Disclaimer: I picked up and moved my whole life down to Asheville in October.  I’m totally partial. Even though I was in love before I moved here,  every day I find a reason to love it even more.   I know a lot of people are probably looking for a change or a way to spice up their life, and a month-long change of scenery is a great way to switch up your routines, re-evaluate what matters, and observe who you are in a new environment.

Where I live and work, we have a guesthouse called Ashevillage Sanctuary.  All winter long we’ll be renting rooms in the house by the week/month.  Here’s a list of reasons why you probably want to come and occupy one of those rooms this winter…


1. The Appalachians are the oldest mountains in the world and they’re all filled with quartz which gives this place an incredible healing energy.

2. It’s a 10-minute walk to downtown Asheville which is filled with incredible organic restaurants, cafes, bars, breweries, yoga studios, shops, art galleries, museums, and live music every night.

3. You can walk out the backyard and into 60 acres of wooded trails that leads to a lookout over the whole stunning city.


4. Winter in Asheville is nothing like winter up north.  It barely snows, and you’ll often get 70 degree days in February.  *even if it does snow, it won’t turn into brown sludge.

5. Within one hour, you can get to dozens of amazing, waterfall filled, hiking trails.


6. You can’t throw a massage therapist without hitting a yoga instructor in this town.  But seriously, Asheville is filled with incredible healers in a wide spectrum of modalities.

7. Everyone in Asheville is nice.  Like, really, really nice.  As someone who lived in NYC for 14 years it’s been shocking.  People look you in the eye, care about your day, and hug you like they mean it. It’s like how humans are supposed to interact, and it’s wonderful.

8. Bluegrass, blues, folk, rock, drum circle, EDM, country, and experimental music scenes all peacefully co-existing.  And there’s live music in all of those genres pretty much every night of the week.
1959595_787030194676627_5311654875133752405_n9. The food scene in Asheville is out of control.  There is a massive emphasis on organic, local, and sustainably sourced foods.  Not only that, but I’ve eaten some of the best meals of my life here.  Ask for recommendations, I have many!

10. Built in community so you never go through that awkward I-just-got-here-need-to-find-friends phase.


And Asheville has been making all sorts of lists.  For instance…

It’s the 4th most beautiful small town in America

It’s the beer capital of America

It was the first Bee City U.S.A.

The Obamas are even talking about moving here

And National Geographic named it one of the best cities, calling  Asheville “a mecca of awesome mountain scenery, bohemian art and high southern cuisine.”

A few years from now, Asheville will be among the ranks of awesome cities like Boulder, Austin, and Portland.  Come now while it’s still under the radar and authentically cool.  

If this has piqued your interest, we should chat more.  Email me at for more deets.


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