The Contradiction of Rose

On November 11, 2014

Before I moved, I had lunch with my friend Jessa, who is an herbalist and natural beauty expert.  I told her that I felt my time in Asheville would be all about learning to receive, and creating boundaries.  I followed up by saying I realized those things were in conflict but she assured me they were not.  At all.  In fact these two qualities are quintessential feminine attributes and what I needed was rose (which happens to be my late grandmother’s name).

Rose is a symbol of love that invites people in with its fragrance and beauty, but it also has thorns to keep some away, protect itself and create boundaries.  

It is the very essence of receiving while maintaining healthy boundaries.


Other Benefits of Rose include:

– Helps to calm a restless mind

– Used as an aphrodisiac

–  The Chinese use roses for qi (energy) to stimulate the blood, and relieve stagnant liver energies.

– Rose water and oil are used a a great skin remedy

– It’s essence is added to about 96% of all women’s perfumes

– Helps with sluggish digestion and irregular menstruation

How to use Rose

  • Put rose petals in your bath water
  • Drink Rose tea
  • Take a rose tincture or elixer
  • Buy a bouquet of roses for your home
  • Wear rose quartz jewelry
  • Lather your body with Rose Oil


As I was leaving Jessa’s apartment she gave me a pouch of dried rose petals that were given to her by our mutual friend.  When I left her apartment, I walked through a park I hadn’t been to in nearly 13 years.  The last time  I was there was for a picnic with someone I truly loved and admired.  Within 100 yards I saw a rose bush.  And so it began.  That pouch of petals hasn’t left me since…

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