The Hottest Health & Agriculture Trends from the Front Lines

On October 27, 2014

A month ago Mastin Kipp, founder of The Daily Love swung through Asheville on his book tour.  At one point he asked “is anyone familiar with Kundalini yoga?”.   Every person in the room raised their hand.  Mastin, a little exasperated was like “Wow!  Usually I ask that question and only a third of the room knows what I’m talking about.”

“YER IN ASSSHEVILLLLE, MASTIN!” Shouted a woman from the back.  And so it was.

Me with Mastin

Me with Mastin

Asheville is America’s preminant hotspot with regards to all things wellness.  You can’t go 10 feet without running into a healer here.  Pretty much everyone is a massage therapist, herbalist, yoga teacher or all of the above.

When you meet someone in New York one of the first questions is usually, “What do you do?”.

In Asheville it’s “What do you do for fun?” “What are you passionate about?” or , my favorite, “What’s your dream?”

I’ve learned so much in my short time here and wanted to share some of this newness with you all.  Here are a handful of health, spiritual and environmental things that are all the rage here.

You’ll be seeing them in the mainstream in 5-50 years.


Ecstatic Dance:  Down here it’s just referred to as “dance”.  It happens every Sunday morning and it’s the most liberating, expressive, and yes, hilarious, but also seriously sweat-inducing thing I’ve ever done.  If you come to Asheville I’m bringing you there.  Not because I think you’ll all love it, but because you need to experience it yourself.

Chem. Trails:  Not a new thing to freak out about, but a new thing to me.  You’ve all seem them.  I intuitively knew they were bad, I just didn’t know what they were and why.  Turns out there are a lot of conspiracy theories about chem trails and that they may be disrupting weather patterns.  You can read more here.


Oil Pulling:  Also not new. In fact I’ve written about it before.  But I’m now on a new holistic dental care kicks. Before I came down I saw the dentist who alerted me that one my molars is pre-cavity.  Since then I’ve been oil pulling every morning (note: it’s a great way to avoid early a.m. conversations) and I can already see that my teeth are brighter and feel cleaner.

Rainwater catchment:  Rainwater catchment systems are configured to save and purify rainwater.  They reduce the draw on public water systems, help you save rainwater for watering plants when it’s dry, and help to reduce your carbon footprint.  Again, you can get more on all this here.  I don’t know much, but I do know that water systems are the big environmental conversation of the future.

pardon the primativeness

pardon the primativeness

Humanure: Yup.  It’s what it sounds like.  It’s using human waste as fertilizer.  Let me break it down…  You are what you eat.  Right?  And you are what you eat eats.  When you are eating animal protein you want to make sure those animals are getting a natural diet.  What about vegetables?  You want to make sure they’re growing in nutrient dense soil.  Back in the day people would grow food, and their waste would go right into the land creating a tight circle of nutrients.  Now farmer grow food and those nutrients from the soil get dispersed, then flushed.  Humanure is something that small-scale farmers are using to re-close that loop.

Herbal EVERYTHING: Down here it is not uncommon to see tinctures added to juices, smoothies, even cocktails.  In Asheville it’s all about using the medicine that nature provides to up-level basically any beverage.


What are your favorite wellness and agriculture trends?  Or even just the weirdest ones you come across recently?  I’d LOVE to know!

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