Big News. HUGE.

On September 29, 2014

Some serious synchronicity has been at play recently which is leading to some major life changes.

I’ll rewind and start from the beginning…

Fourteen years ago I moved to New York City as a weird, wide-eyed teenager from the small town of Easton, PA.  I never intended to stay in NYC.  I thought I’d only be here for a 6-month internship, but instead, I got wrapped into a wonderful world with great friends and an exciting career so, really, where was I gonna go?  I tried to leave in 2009, and succeeded for about 9 months until I was inevitably lured back, and this time life was even better than before.

nbk sunset

So here I am, great life, great friends, in arguably the greatest city in the world…why do I still feel so defeated all the time?  This explains it pretty well.

If I’m honest, I can admit what I’ve known all along: New York City just isn’t my home…

It was the city that raised me, the place I found my friend-family, and the place I found myself.  New York City supplied me with enough life stories to ensure that my unborn children will know without a doubt that their mom was at some point awesome.  But, deep down, I always knew I’d never reach my dreams living there.

So, I started small.  I unknowingly began shifting my lifestyle and career into one that was not dependent on city-living.  I started working on farmscreated online programs, and made the decision to exclusively work with clients via phone or skype.


In the summer of 2013 I was gifted a session with Jenn Raccioppi, who is an astrologer, success coach, and brilliant ray of sunshine.  I hardly back up anyone, but Jenn is a genius and I tell anyone who will listed about her gifts.

During our call she told me several things but one of the main things she said was that I shouldn’t be living in New York.  That I needed to travel, and I needed to connect more with the earth.  I took it in, but at the time, didn’t know what to do with it.  I had a life in New York.  I had friends, a career, a lease!

About 6 months later I saw Jenn at a friend’s birthday party.  At first I didn’t recognize her (it was winter, we all look like tiny faces draped in down during that time of year).  The first words out of her mouth were “what are you still doing here?  Why aren’t you traveling or farming?”.  I was shocked. First of all, here is a woman who talks to maaaany people, and she remembered my life’s purpose more than I did.  Secondly, I love when people call me out on my stuff.


That fateful night in January was the catalyst.  I started researching programs, schools, and apprenticeships all around the world.  I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I trusted my gut would tell me when I found it.  Jenn also told me that I’m incredibly intuitive.  That if I learned to trust myself, I’d always be right.

Somewhere in my googling I came across a Permaculture Design Certification course at Ashevillage Institute in Asheville, NC.  I became rather fixated on this place, they had all sorts of classes that sounded fascinating and they were lead by teachers I know and admire.  I couldn’t make it for the PDC course so I decided to go down for a class on Herbalism and Wild Edibles to investigate.

The night before I left for Asheville I was at a party at North Brooklyn Farms and was introduced to a girl named Allie, who is also a health coach.  We became insta-friends and were chatting about all sorts of stuff.  Someone from across the bonfire asked what I was doing the next day and when I told them, Allie nearly pushed me over and screamed “my best friend Suzanne is going there too!”

Turned out Suzanne and I also had about 40 mutual friends.


photo 3

Janell (my new boss), Allie, me and Suzanne

As soon as I arrived in Asheville, NC I fell in love.  There’s a calmness there.   A healing energy.  An energy that makes you feel good from within instead of searching for external validations.

On the flip side, New York City has always made me feel like I wasn’t enough.  Like I’m not doing enough, successful enough, tall enough, pretty enough, thin enough…

I just wanted to live in a place where I was enough.  And I felt that way when I got to Asheville.  I knew right away it was a place I needed to live.

Over the next week while I was there I continued to fall more and more in love with Asheville.  And even more in love with Ashevillage.  So I began planting seeds with the co-directors letting them know that if they were hiring, they should keep me in mind.

look out

I left planning to write a job proposal.  Being so bold as to ask them to create a job for me felt really outside of my comfort zone.  But, hey, that’s how you grow.  I even consulted Jenn on if that was a good idea and when I should send it.  But it turned out I didn’t have to…

When I got to Machu Picchu after 5 days of being completely disconnected from the outside world I turned on my phone to check my messages.  There were two voicemails.  The first was from Ryan at North Brooklyn Farms telling me that the kickstarter was fully funded.  HALLELUJAH!

The second message was from the Founder of Ashevillage saying she’d been thinking about me a lot and wanted to talk about something…

photo 1

After a few rounds of phone tag and a couple late night conversations she offered me a position.

Soon I will be in charge of Hospitality and Programming at Ashevillage Sanctuary, and I’m pretty sure it’s not humanly possible to be more excited.

I will undoubtedly be posting more about eventhing going on down there, and hope some of you will come down to visit for  one of our programs or even just for a relaxing vacation.

It might take me a minute to get adjusted, but I’ll be back soon with contents about all that I’m learning down south.


photo 2 copy

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