My Favorite Healthy & Healthy-ish Travel Snacks

On July 21, 2014

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot this year.  With travel comes fun, excitement, and exploration.  But it also breaks me out of routines and my life that’s been strategically insulated with healthy options.

When I travel I try to make sure that I have some things that are still going to make my tummy feel at home even if it’s actually on the other side of the world.

I say that some are “healthy-ish” because if you listen to Michael Pollan he says “If it’s a plant, eat it.  If it’s made in a plant, don’t eat it”.  And well, some of these things are made in a plant.  Regardless, they are better than other things made in plants, and therefore, have made the -ish list.  Here we go…

1.  Seaweed:  Not usually the first thing you see on a list like this, but, I stand by my choice.

2. Salted Dark Chocolate Kind Bar: Basically this is the healthy version of a Snickers.  And snickers satisfies.  Airports are often stocked with the lowest common demonmenator of food.  And I know it can be tempting to succomb to a Auntie Anne’s or a Cinnabun, but I’m here to warn you: It’s not worth it!  Don’t do it!  Chug some Dasani and eat a KIND bar instead.


3. Fava beans- A lot of people are obsessed with roasted chickpea snacks (I am too) but I came across Roasted Fava Beans while traveling in Peru and lemme tell ya, they’re awesome.

4. Granola Bar- Kind, Nature’s Valley, homemade…. If your body does well with grains (as mine does) you need to have some of these with you when you’re on the road.


5. And apple or banana- Nature’s fast food.

6. Popcorn- just check to make sure it isn’t loaded with a ton of butter and salt or else you may end up in tummyachetown before of your desired desination.



7. No Bake Brownie- You can get the recipe for my dangerously delicious brain child here on Cosmopolitan’s website.

8. Aloha- For those times when you feel like you’re getting scurvy (for me that happens if I haven’t had greens in over 12 hours), Aloha whole food powder is a perfect way to pack in all your nutrients when you’re away from your regular routine.


9. Fresh Snap Peas– I know this seems like a total wildcard, but I got some in my CSA and rocked this snack hard well into a Wednesday with minimal refrigeration.  I wouldn’t recommend that situation, but it happened and therefore makes the list.

10. Dark Chocolate: Because, yeah, duh.



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