Cute Overload

On May 1, 2014

Warning: If exposure to absurd amounts of adorableness makes you want to scream or punch the computer, please close this window immediately.  Thank you.

I have the extreme pleasure of working at one of the most beautiful and prestigious farms in the world, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture.  Every year,  March 15th marks the beginning of lambing season, when all of our ewes (female sheep) begin giving birth.  Some have singles, some have twins, other lucky ladies have triplets or even quadruplets!  This year 41 ewes gave birth to 79 lambs and this is just a little snapshot of some of the cuteness.

This weekend is Stone Barn’s annual Sheep Shearing festival where all the ewes and rams get shorn then lead out to pasture after a long, cold, lonely winter in their barn.

I would encourage you to come, but tickets for this event sell out faster than a Beyonce concert!

I’ll be sure to take photos and post them all to my Instagram.  So if you don’t already, FOLLOW ME (@quinnasteak), Please!




tender moment



As if that wasn’t enough, here they are in motion:


Info about the markings

  • A blue dot on the backside means that lambs need to be bottle fed because it’s mothers isn’t producing enough milk
  • Ear tags: right is ram (male), left is lady
  • Orange tag: single birth
  • Green tag: twins
  • Pink tag: triplet or quad
  • The number tells birth order.  Since it’s 2014 they all start with “14”.  “1401” was the first born this season, and so on…




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