Buzzwords: What is Organic?

On March 4, 2014

Even though we’re all doing our best to pick the best food possible it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing thanks to all those big buzzwords out there.  I want to break those down for you, set some semantics straight, and help you to be the most informed consumer possible.

In this video I talk about what it means when something is labeled “ORGANIC”.  There are a lot of nuances and it can mean different things when it comes to meat, dairy and produce in the store vs. farmer’s market.

This video isn’t short, and I say a lot but the truth is, it barely scratches the surface.  

Some things I cover include:

  • Is organic the best option?
  • How do you know if your food is really organic?
  • Does organic = healthy?

But more than anything I want to hear from you!!!  Post your questions in the comments section so we can all get more clear on what it means to be organic and all become better food citizens.

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