My New App: FlyBy Messenger

On February 6, 2014

It’s no secret that I’m kind of a luddite.  I signed up for Facebook 2 years after all my friends.  My old roommate made me a twitter account while I dragged my feet.  I’ve never even illegally downloaded anything…because I’m totally freaking scared of technology.

So when this company called FlyBy approached me about being a Beta tester for their new app and creating content that utilizes visual recognition software… I lied through my teeth and acted like it was no problem 🙂

And I’m SO glad that I did because it was super fun.

Here’s the 411.  FlyBy Messenger (which you can download in the app store now!) uses visual recognition software to tag locations.

Unlike a lot of social media platforms which can be quite anti-social, FlyBy is all about engaging with your surroundings on a deeper level.

It works in a couple ways…

1) Say you’re in line, waiting to get a juice at The Squeeze Truck in union square and it’s taking a minute.  You can open the FlyBy app and see if anyone has left any videos in that location.  When someone leaves a video, they create a sitekey.  So you  You point your phone at the designated image and it will unlock a video for you to watch.  It might be funny, it might be informational, it might just be capturing a cool moment that happened there.  Either way, it can make you more connected to your location while you’re killing time.

2) Say you follow me on FlyBy (and I recommend that you do!) you will get a little buzz in your pocket if you walk by a location where I’ve left a video.  Then you can open the app, look for the sitekey and see what I had to say about that place.

I specifically made video content about healthy places around NYC.  I wanted to tell people what I loved so much about the location and what my favorite healthy things are to order, buy, etc.

Take a peek at the videos below and let me know what you think!  Keep in mind they were all shot on my iPhone with zero editing.

[In my grandma voice] I remember when twitter first started, that new fangled-y thing! [shakes cane at sky].

I’m so genuinely interested in seeing how this evolves!  I know the users will shape it into what it needs to be, since I’m usually such a late adopter I’m thrilled that I got to get in on this early.

Does this sound like the kind of app you’d be interested in?  What appeals (or does not appeal) to you?

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