My (belated) New Years Resolutions

On January 21, 2014

Since I knew I was going hiking in Patagonia at the beginning of the year I figured I would uncover some New Years Resolutions along the way.  I did and they are quite simple…But since simple things can often be the easiest to ignore I wanted to share them with you so you can help to keep me accountable.

new years resolutions

1.  Wear make up less often.  I am addicted to eye make up, putting it on is a morning ritual for me.  Like coffee for other people.  But I love the way I look with no make up.  So I want to leave the house fresh-faced more often.

2. Go on more hikes.  It’s just my favorite way to excercise.  Here’s the thing, I love working out, but I hate working out in front of mirrors.  So I resolve to get outside more often, connect with nature and move my tush.

3. Eat more meat.  It’s really good for my body.  It hasn’t always been, and it might not be good for you, but it’s really doing wonders for me right now.  All organic, grass-fed, hormone-free, of course.

4. No standing while eating.  Period.  End of story.  I suggest this one for you too.

5. Less time watching TV and on the internet.  More time in blankets, reading books.

6.  Do whatever I have to do, even if I don’t want to do it.  I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a princess sometimes.  But I had this great conversation with my dad where I asked him what motivated him to be as successful as he is and said he was just always willing to do whatever it takes.  I am too.  2014 is the year to get down and dirty and make some big stuff happen.

7.  Always have something to look forward to.  This summer we’re going on a family trip to Machu Picchu.  So, that one is sorted.  But little trips throughout the year are very necessary too.


What are your new years resolutions?  I would love for you to share them here so we can keep each other accountable this year.  


2 Responses to “My (belated) New Years Resolutions”

  • number 4 is my jam! any tips on this?! I’m constantly snacking while I cook or rushing around! … need to break that habit bad!

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