Five Faves: December

On December 10, 2013

HCQ_five faves_december.13

Here we go… It’s December.  I’m trying to keep healthy, but I’m also allowing myself to indulge a little when engaged in joyous festivities.  I’m also keeping it cozy and making sure my supple skin stays that way.  Here’s what I’m loving riiiiiiight NOW…  

1. Gluten Free Brownies from Red Barn Bakery, $10 for 2.  In the name of research I’ve taste tested a lot of gluten free brownies over the years and I can say with good authority that the GF Brownies from Red Barn Bakery in Irvington, NY are–bar none–the best.  If you’re not much of a baker but are designated to bring dessert, order these bad boys.  They’re so good no one will even know that they’re allergen appropriate.

2. Adrenal Optimizer, $18.50.  For all the long nights and extra cocktails, this supplement will be a life saver.  Even though you’re determined to burn the candle at both ends this little supplement will keep you feeling balanced.

3. The one and only, Vitamix, $450.  I don’t know what I’d do with out my great love, the Vitamix.  In my house, this thing works overtime making me healthy smoothies in the morning and creamy soups at night.  If you’ve been a good girl this year I definitely recommend putting a Vitamix on your wish list.  Sure, it’s pricey but SO worth the investment.

4. Kiehl’s Lip Balm, $7.  This holiday season you just might find yourself under the mistletoe and you want to be prepared.  This is the one lip balm I’ve found that actually moisturizes my lips and keeps them feeling soft long after the gloss wears off.

5. Matching jammie set from Target, $18.69.  I could live in these all day every day.  I’m literally giddy with glee when I get to come home and slip back into these jams.  When I’m wearing a matching pajama set I don’t feel as schlubby as I would in regular old PJs.   The thing with these is that they’re way sexier than a flannel matching set and a major upgrade than leggings and sweatshirt.

 BOOM.  What are your faves right now?


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