Want To Know What I Eat?

On October 29, 2013

I get a lot of questions from people wondering what I eat on a daily basis.  The answer is simple: I most eat whatever I’m cooking for clients!  And those things are primarily plant based, gluten free, organic, in-season foods.

When you’re eating foods that are in season you know that they didn’t have to travel far to get from you which means they are fresher and will last longer in your fridge.  They are also foods that will support your body to deal with the seasons.  In the summer you find a lot of berries, light greens and bitter root veggies that are all cooling and detoxifying to the body to help us feel light, energized and hydrated.

In the fall and winter there are more starchy roots and hearty greens that will keep you full, warm, grounded and insulated for the winter months.

Also, think about it, we are the only animals on earth whose diets are not exclusively made up of local, organic, seasonal foods.

Eating in accordance with nature is the most direct path to health.  Tweet it.

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