You’re never going to get “there”, you’ll always be “here”

On May 8, 2013
When it comes to relationships, work, life, even DIET we have to be realistic:  perfection is impossible and guilt gets us nowhere, fast.

Most people are never satisfied with where they are or what they have.  Instead they focus on what’s wrong, or what they aren’t doing. Like, always wanting to drop those ” last 5 pounds”, or “just tone up” a little bit, or my favorite “really start dieting tomorrow”.  As a wise woman named Annemarie Colbin has said,   “You’re never going to get there.  You are always, only going to be here.”

She’s right.  What happened to just being “here” and being pretty damn psyched about that?

there is no there

A while back, I had the immense privilege of taking a class taught by Dr. Colbin called “The Principles of Balance”. Over the coarse of the weekend we covered several dietary theories like, yin vs. yang, acid & alkaline, left brain/ right brain, 5 phases… And the main thing we learned is that no one theory is superior to the others, they all have their place in the discourse around balance and nutrition.

The primary, over-arching concept that kept coming back was that above all, the most important thing is to just listen to your body– which just so happens to be the most sophisticated computer on the planet.
Your body knows exactly what to do and what it needs.  Really.  Think about it, your heart never skips a beat, your lungs don’t forget to breathe, and without you even realizing it, your body intuitively knows how to balance itself by giving you subtle clues about what it needs.

The conversation really shook me up and made me look at my own cravings and how I could be more balanced.   With the changes in season, change in workload, and general changes that, as a woman, I make every month, one of the things I realized, crap, I need more meat.  A few years ago I had sworn by vegetarianism–it absolutely changed my life at the time, but the thing is–I’m not there anymore.  I’m here.  

You can put your whole life on hold living in the past or tripping on the future but the only way to really LIVE, is to be right here, right now.  Let go of all the “should”s, the “if”s, the blame and the shame about your body, diet or anything else.  Tap into your truth and make small changes towards the life that you want for yourself.

You’ll only ever be HERE.  So enjoy it.

PERSONAL CHALLENGE:  When eating listen to your gut: Literally and Intuitively.  Allow yourself to be “bad”.  Let go of what you think you’re supposed to be doing, thinking, EATING, and do what feels right.  Notice how does it feel to do what youwant?  Pretty damn good, right?

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