There is No Such Thing as a Magic Pill, But if There Were it Would be… (answer at the bottom)

On November 8, 2011

One of the main reasons you are feeling sluggish, foggy, and unmotivated is because you are not getting proper nutrition.

That doesn’t mean you aren’t eating well or eating enough– it just means that your body isn’t able to properly absorb all the nutrition from the food.

See, most of our digestive systems are so beat down after years of eating processed foods that our bodies just don’t function as well as they should/could.

We were designed to eat real food as it exists in nature.  Natural, raw foods have live enzymes which help them digest in our bodies.

Anything processed (i.e. it was made in a plant, has more than 1 ingredient, or has been heated, treated, or, ya know, processed, in any way makes it a processed food.  

 So, “diet” foods like bran flakes, rice cakes and skim milk– SURPRISE!!! Even they are SUPER DUPER UBER PROCESSED.

Most people eat these things with the best of intentions, but ultimately your body is like “umm, gee, thanks, but I have no idea what to do with this garbage”.

 The additives, preservatives and sweeteners can not be digested and get stored in your fat cells as waste.  Sometimes they break free from your cells and float through your blood stream hoping to get cleaned out by your liver, but your liver is busy, overwhelmed and often unable to clean out ALL the toxins we absorb from food, the air, beauty products, cleaning products, etc…

Meanwhile, your pancreas is trying really hard to produce digestive enzymes to help you break down all of your food, but it was really designed to produce insulin.

 Enzymatic production was supposed to the pancreas’s part time job.  But now it got strapped with that as a full time gig.  You’d be pissed if you had to do a whole other job, right?  So, needless it say, it wants to quit.   

And when it does– diabetes.

This was a really long was of saying–this is only part of the story 🙂  

But really, if there is one thing that you could take to improve your overall health, digestion, complexion and ENERGY– it should be DIGESTIVE ENZYMES.

I’m licensed to prescribe enzymes from the top company in the country, Enzymatic Solutions.  So if any of this is sounding off alarms in your gut or you’re interested in learning more please hit me up.  

Remember, quality matters (this is your body we’re talking about!!!)  You want the highest quality enzymes out there for a good price and that’s exactly what I am able to offer.

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