12 Ways to Flirt Without Saying a Word

On June 16, 2011

I got this from Glamour Magazine and thought it was great and just wanted to share…

Even though I am a health coach my approach is very holistic.  It’s amazing how much time I spend talking with people about the relationships the profound impact that has on their health.

When it comes to flirting–this is not just about getting the attention of the opposite sex, it’s a way of moving through life.  It’s an openness to letting new things/people/ideas/experiences into your life.

Sometimes when I’m feeling a little blue I’ll go for a walk with the intention of flirting with whoever I come in contact with.  Ultimately flirting is just being friendly, it’s spreading good energy!  People give back what you give out, so if you’re putting out happy, confident vibes, that will come back to you in spades!  Doesn’t it feel awesome to make other people feel great and brighten their day?

So, turn on your mojo, work on your game, whatever you want to call it.  Get your flirt on and I guarantee it will make you feel better about yourself

***The only one I don’t agree with is #9.  Have whatever movies YOU love in your Netflix cue.  Flirting is about CONFIDENCE and being who you are, not someone you think other people will like.***

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