The Game Changer

On July 12, 2010

For about a decade I worked in the fashion industry; primarily as a stylist but I also designed my own line, did costume design, and worked as an assistant to some pretty prominent people.

Working in fashion was a dream.  It was the best conceivable way to spend my 20s in New York.  I met every designer, rock star, model, editor, and socialite I could possibly want to meet.  I have a stockpile of stories to convince my (future, hypothetical) kids of how cool I was back in the day.  No worries there.

So what made me leave the world of glitz and glam for the world of greens and yams?

For many years I’d been feeling dissatisfied.  I love the people I worked with but wasn’t taking any pride in what I did from day to day.  Shoots were amazing, but I spent more time that I’d like to admit doing manual labor, and then sneaking cat naps in my Manhattan Mini Storage.

The straw that broke the camel’s back came in a very strange form.  I was asked to work on a 20 year retrospective of my #1 favorite designer.  I admired and idolized her on so many levels.  This was an absolute dream.  Not only would I meet her, but work with her for 3 days, travel through time by way of her fashion collections, and meet every top model working today in the process.  Not a bad day at the office, right?

Well, I was wrong. The dream gig, turn out to be the job that changed everything.  After meeting this woman, who seemingly had it all, I realized that her life was actually quite empty.  She was alone, had no family, work was her life, and honestly, she was very mean to me.

It was heart breaking to be in the presence of my idol, and feel so terrible.

As sad as it was, it was also a revelation.  I did not want that life.  I respect those who do, they are true artists, but the fashion grind just was not for me in the long term.

Two weeks later I packed up ten years of city living and moved back home, into my childhood bedroom and focused on finding a new dream.  By going back to where I came from, and tapping into who I am, I was able to re-realize all that’s truly important to me.  I’ve found the right path now.  I get to focus on health, build relationships with people, and create an environment where they can then build a healthy relationship with food.

I will always love fashion, but when it was my job I got caught up in coveting what others had.  The makeovers I do now, they’re priceless.

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