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On June 15, 2010

You know those games we used to play when we were young like M.A.S.H to figure out who we would marry, what kind of car we’d have, how many kids… that sort of thing.

Well, I’ve got a new one.  This one can tell you how long you are supposed to live.  Strap yourself in because you’ve got WAY longer than you might imagine.

Me, I’ve got 69 more years to go (immature giggle).  So I’m pacing myself.

Start at 77 because that is the average life expectancy in America today

+6 if you are a non-smoker

+6 if you are a reasonable weight (BMI under 25)

+6 if you exercise 7 hours a week ORRR

+3 if you have regular exercise

+1 if you drink 1 serving of alcohol 2-3 times a week (yeah, you like that one)

+2.5 for being a woman  ORRR

+2 for being married to a woman that takes good care of you

+1.5 for avoiding street drugs.

I’m supposed to live until a whopping 97.

Life is a marathon, don’t burn yourself out.  Take care of yourself now so you can comfortably sprint during the homestrech.

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