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On June 7, 2010

Not really sure how I’ve gone this long without trying it, oh wait yes I do…

My first experience with kombucha was over a year ago when my then-roommate brought one home, shook it up real nice to mix in the sediment, and then Ka-Boom! the glass bottle exploded all over our kitchen.

Not awesome.

Anyway, a couple days ago I got a hankering to try one.  It was weird to crave something I’ve never tasted before, but my body works in mysterious ways sometimes.  I had just felt really out of balance and low on energy.  Being one who learns her lessons well, I opened this kombucha very carefully.  It may have taken a good solid 5 minutes of fizz over-load and and re-screwing down the cap but once I got that sucker open, boy-oh-boy was it worth it.

My energy levels lifted, I felt energized, lighter, and balanced.  Not gonna lie, I also felt a little buzz, because I’m a lightweight and due to fermentation Kombucha has .5% alcohol.

Yes, Awesome.

So, what is kombucha?  It is a Chinese tea drink that is cultured for 30 days.  During that time it develops essential nutrients like probiotics, anti-oxidants, polyphenols (the good stuff in red wine), amino acids and active enzymes.  Those are the fancy words for what it does, but on a very basic level kombucha supports: healthy digestion, metabolism, immune function, appetite control, weight control, liver function, healthy skin and hair, and general cell intengrity.   (that’s all on the side of the bottle).

These claims are not supported by the FDA, but the FDA hardly endorses anything natural or holisitc.  On the flip side they do approve products that were initially developed as rat poison (I’m looking at you, aspartame)

Kombucha may sound and look scary but it tastes absolutley delicious, and is only 60 calories for the entire bottle and it’s myriad of amazing health benefits.  My general rule of thumb is:  if it’s worked for an entire culture for thousands of years, it’s probably good.

I highly recommend trying it and seeing if it works wonders for you like it did for me.

Just remember to proceed with caution.

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